All services offered below are evidence -based and developed specifically to enhance the lives of those who diligently apply these proven practices and principles to their daily lives. Click the Service links below for greater detail of the services offered.



- Residential Housing Program

- Transitional Housing Program

- Sober-living Environment


- Homeless to Work

- Project H.E.L.P.


- Job Readiness

- Job Skills Training

- Job Placement


- Parenting

- Character Development 

- Personal Development

- Men of Purpose (M.O.P.)

- Life Coach                           




-Conflict Resolution

-Stress Reduction




-Time Management

-Decision Making

-Setting Priorities

-My Personal Plan

-Design a Resume

- Alcohol (Relapse Prevention)

- Drug(s) (Relapse Prevention) 

- P.C. 290 (Relapse Prevention)

- Overcomers Outreach

- God's Ministry of Believers (G-Mob)

- Bible Study

- Anger Management

- Batterers Intervention 

- Victim Impact

- M.R.T Group Therapy


- Lifer Packet Preparation

- Family Support Letter Prep. 

- Program Support Letter

- Faith-based program program Letter

- Community based program Letter


 - Women's Program

 - Youth Program