Overcome Barriers


This module is designed to help participants overcome barriers in thinking that prevent them from moving forward. Participants will learn to identify and correct negative views that lead to unproductive behavior.


This module helps participants get started toward taking positive actions in their life. They will be able to set career related goals and reward themselves for making small steps.


This module helps participants gain a sense of control over life outcomes by making informed choices. They will learn the value of admitting past mistakes. The consequences of decision-making will be highlighted.


Conflict Resolution

This module is designed to help participants reduce conflict in relationships. They will learn techniques to help negotiate what they want.

Stress Reduction

This module is designed to help participants deal with stress in their daily living. They will learn stress reduction techniques that meet their personal style and comfort.


This module teaches how to make good impressions; a valuable skill in the workplace. Participants will discover the impact of first impressions and how not to stumble into giving false impressions.


This module emphasizes the value of good verbal communication. Participants will sharpen their listening skills and learn to make appropriate “I” statements. As a result of this training, there should be an increase in understanding in normal dialogs.


This module allows each participant to role play an employer or potential employee who is being interviewed for a job. The wrong and right way to appear will be reviewed.


Time Management

This module is designed to help participants design a plan for the daily use of their time taking into account the schedules of their families. Participants will be able to have a realistic view of what their parameters are and how they can reasonably achieve their goals within a given time frame

Decision Making

This module is designed to make participants aware of the process of decision making, which takes place from moment to moment each day. They will learn helpful strategies in improving their ability to make better decisions. Participants will gain knowledge about how to prevent repeating past mistakes.

Setting Priorities

This module will focus upon the daily tasks and activities that need to be completed in order to achieve life goals. Participants will develop an activity list of goals and objectives to be done on a daily basis. They will learn to plan each day in advance.

My Personal Plan

This module is designed to help participants design their own plan of action. They will prioritize their life goals and objectives. The plan of action will include educational and vocational goals along with needed social/emotional support systems

Design a Resume

This module helps the participant design his or her own personal resume. The participant will be assisted in designing their own unique script even if they have no employment history. They will learn how to use creative and alternative ways to share information about their skills and interest.

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