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Relapse Prevention
(Drugs & Alcohol)

Our 40 -page relapse prevention curriculum is based on the principles of cognitive-behavioral relapse prevention. Most relapse prevention workbooks are so detailed and intricate that the materials are too complicated for typical clients. Our curriculum is an 8-session program that focuses on risky situations, scripting changes, coping with urges and cravings, being around users, understanding support issues, and taking charge. Through utilizing this curriculum clients will reveal when and where they will relapse-and with whom-. This enables the facilitator to target the most risky situations.

The program has 8 modules completed in 8 group sessions supplement by several sessions with a counselor or facilitator. 

Making Changes for Good - P.C. 290 -

Making Changes for Good is designed specifically for sex offender relapse prevention. Sex offenders are not only one of the most likely types of offenders to relapse, but the problems they cause in others are long-lasting and profound. This program is designed to be used in concert with any sex offender treatment program or with sex offenders who have been released on probation or parole.

The program consist of 10 modules / 10 weeks / 1 group session per week, 1.5 hours per session. 

This specialized group for sex offenders are open-ended so new clients can enter ongoing groups at any time and work at their own pace.

For specific groups, times, and dates, Contact (707) 434-4269 or email

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