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Job Readiness is a cognitive behavioral group which utilizes a 26-page workbook that is designed to present what a "good employee" is, it contains a self-assessment, discusses work goals and habits, and explains how to get and keep a job. It also explains how and why people get promoted. This program is targeted to individuals who are about to enter the work world as well as those who have poor work histories. This curriculum is utilized by numerous re-entry programs. Job readiness is used in correctional program, probation and parole, drug courts, community corrections, diversion programs, educational institutions, and private settings.

The program has 6 sections with homework to be completed prior to group and presented in 6 group meetings once a week 1.5 hours per group meeting. The program is open-ended and conducted in ongoing groups where new members enter when assigned or as an educational program where all members proceed at the same time.

B.D.B.C. in collaboration with our partnerships offers the following occupational/job skills. 

(Job Readiness - prerequisite)


 1. Construction                                    2. Landscape

 3. Electrical                                          4. Logistics

 5. Plumbing                                         6. Audio Engineering

 7. Upholstery                                       8. Residential/Commercial Inspection

 9. Warehouse                                      10. Shelter Training

11. Forklift                                             12. Auto Detailing

13. Auto shop                                        14. Administration 

15. Janitorial                                        16. Google IT Training

17. Security Card Training






1. Fuimaono Construction

a) Plumbing

b) Electrical

c) Landscape

2. Calvary Construction

3. C.P. Inspections 

4. Retail

5. Refinery

6. Fairfield Upholstery

7. Shelter Attendant

(Placement premised on availability)

Call for specific groups, times and dates. Contact (707) 434-4269 or email to:



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