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Our program Parenting and Family Values is a 75-page workbook designed to help participants develop parenting skills and assess values related to family issues and relationships. Clients confront their parenting skills and habits, perform a clarification on their values regarding family, and establish appropriate discipline routines.

Parenting and Family Values is used with clients in any treatment setting, but designed to help participants develop parenting skills and assess values related to family. The program is for use in correctional settings as well as numerous private treatment venues.

Participants complete homework from the 12-module workbook prior to attending group. In group, each participant shares his or her responses. The program is designed for 12 group sessions. The program can be open-ended or conducted as a class where all participants enter and complete at the same time.

Character Development

Personal Development

Through Will Power & Self-Discipline. This 16 week program focuses on methods and motivations of building will power, self-discipline, and how to set goals. Our 54-page curriculum has been used in settings with both juveniles and adults. Its been also used therapeutic communities, boot camps, in parole and probation, and specialized educational youth programs.

The program is designed for 16 group sessions. Participants complete each session's homework  prior to coming to group. In group each client presents his or her homework, and homework is passed or redone, based on criteria by the facilitator. The program is typically conducted as a class where all clients complete at the same time.

Your Lifework - Finding Your purpose, Principles, & Mission is typically utilized in a 12-hour workshop designed to lead participants through a deep exploration of their work behavior and career ambitions. It presents traits, behaviors, and attitudes elicited from highly successful people as well as those who have not been successful. The unique program allows individuals to make evaluations of their personality and learning style and compare these to their present life.

This group is designed to be used in a workshop over two days or as 6 weekly group meetings with 2 hour session, the latter being the preference of B.D.B.C program. 

The program consist of a series of structured, written exercise that explore behavior, attitudes, feelings, and goals related work, career, co-workers, hobbies, interests, family, and day-to-day life. Participants must be willing to engage in self-reflection and share some of their thoughts with others.

For specific groups, times, and dates, Contact (707) 434-4269 or email

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