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Homeless Services

Mission Samoa in partnership with B.D.B.C. Reentry Services offers the following homeless programs.

Homeless to Work ProgramOur homeless to work program entitled Changing lives Through Employment consist of a residential and cognitive educational job skill training and placement program. Our program is designed specifically for those facing the greatest barriers to employment and housing. These barriers are as follows; lack of of education, lack of employability skills. lack of housing, and lack of appropriate life skills. These are the many barriers that hinders this population from acquiring a sustainable, productive, and successful quality of life. Our mission/purpose is to provide an avenue to whereby a lack of employment skills and homelessness is not an option.  The objective of our Changing Lives Through Employment program is to facilitate behavioral change from self to purpose by providing quality treatment, counseling, mentoring, occupational training, job placement, education and preventive services emphasizing mutual trust, respect, and collaboration. Our program utilizes a 4 season ideology consisting of a 30, 60, 90 days, upward to 6 to 12 months to complete.


Season One: 1-2 months: (Probationary Period). Participants in this SEASON will enroll in our job readiness program and will be required to participate in our cognitive educational and recovery classes per needs assessment and prep an/or begin vocational training. A 30-day service plan to address immediate needs will be conducted.

Season Two: 3-4 months. Participants that successfully pass probationary period will continue to SEASON TWO. Participants must continue to attend the job readiness program and/or identified cognitive education and recovery classes to work towards the completion of an identified vocational training class.


Season Three: 5-6 months. Complete/continue cognitive educational treatment, continue/complete vocational trade. Participate in our occupational job placement program. Exit strategies, looking for work in the community, working towards savings program (50/30/20), working towards securing housing, employment and vehicle acquisition.

Season Four: 7-9 months. Continuation of SEASON THREE services and activities with exit preparation. During this season it is anticipated that all participants are expected to successfully transition into self-sufficiency such as securing housing and employment. HUD's TBRA funding will supplement housing/rent obligation upwards to 12 months.

Project H.E.L.P.: Our Emergency Shelter Program entitled Project H.E.L.P. (Homeless Emergency Living Program) is a homeless housing community comprising of 12 tiny pallet homes with the capacity to house 24 homeless clients. Mission Samoa Inc. in collaboration with B.D.B.C. and Christian Fellowship Church is responsible for providing the daily operations of the shelter which entails oversight such as security, feeding, life skills, showers, etc... Those who are interested in our job skills training and placement program will be given an opportunity to enroll in our Homeless to Work Program. Our Shelter program is committed to adhering to all local, city, and state guidelines, laws, and compliance ordinances in operating our Homeless Emergency Living Shelter.

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