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Men of Purpose

M.O.P. - Men of Purpose is a mentoring program comprised of formally incarcerated men (former life prisoners) who since their release have successfully completed parole, continued their educational pursuits and now own and operate their own successful businesses. These powerful motivational speakers are dedicated to the service work of helping those who are incarcerated, formally incarcerated and those currently on parole/probation, both juveniles and adults.

M.O.P. was founded by Clifford Parker a formally incarcerated (life) prisoner who through his life challenges and struggles found himself in and out of institutions, jails and prison since the age of 12. In 2010, after serving nearly two decades' behind bars he was paroled. Upon his release, he discovered that there was a great need of services for the formally incarcerated. The limited services currently in place wasn't enough to offer viable options other than returning to incarceration. Since his release, he has been a strong advocate and dedicated servant to the reentry population, he has been instrumental in creating several successful reentry programs that offers transitional living, residential living, job skill training, job placement and other services such as family reunification and a multitude of cognitive behavioral therapeutic and educational classes.

Through collaborating with federal, state and local governments it was statistically discovered that mentoring programs comprised of the formally incarcerated has a significant and profound impact on lowering the recidivism rate within our communities. M.O.P. is certainly that program dedicated and determined to instill in each participant the necessary tools to become and remain a successful and law-abiding citizen. M.O.P. is truly a unique program set-apart from other programs due to each mentor being a former (Life) prisoner who are currently law-abiding success business owners and family members who are truly dedicated to the process of change for the betterment of theses men, women, juveniles, families and their communities.

Our program strengths lie in the testimonies of each of our mentors and their abilities to relate and encourage in a manner unparalleled to other motivational programs due to their personal experiences of incarceration, substance abuse, lack of education and broken relationships. These mentor's life stories from desolation into opportunity to success is the core substance that sets them apart. The powerful impact these men have on our incarcerated and formally incarcerated population is immeasurable.

(Curriculum utilized "Personal Development") (SAMSHA APPROVED)(NREPP)

Our life coach services comprise of certified, professionally trained individuals with the tools to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. They possess skills of a supportive friend and trusted advisor rolled in one. They are someone who will push you to identify your goals, hold you accountable and provide encouragement throughout your journey to become a better version of yourself.

Our life coaches specialize in working directly with our homeless and reentry communities. 

If you, your program or agency are interested in utilizing M.O.P.  or Life Coach Services, please contact us at:

707-434-4269 or email us at  or

Life Coach 

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