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Transitional/Residential Placement Programs

B.D.B.C. has collaborated with Mission Samoa in offering the following housing programs.

Our housing treatment program consist of (two) Re-entry programs. Our 30, 60, 90 day (with options) 10 bed community based transitional program, our 6 to 9-month 10 bed faith based, residential treatment program. Our programs are designed for those men (18 to 70) who are returning home from incarceration and who are committed to the process of change for the betterment of themselves, their families and their communities. Our purpose is to provide an avenue for Re-entry where-by Recidivism is not an option. The objectives of our programs is to facilitate behavioral change from self to purpose by providing quality treatment, counseling, mentoring, occupational training, job placement, education and prevention services, emphasizing mutual trust, respect and collaboration. We will accomplish this by:


**Identifying and exploring essential needs/issues, stage of behavior changes and a level of care via motivational interviewing and assisted personal assessment of self and circumstances based on each individual’s immediate and long term needs. 

**Assist participants with job training and placement through our  comprehensive occupational training programs.

(i.e. Forklift Certification, Construction, Automotive, Janitorial Service, General Warehouse, Refinery, Recycling, Retail)

**Addressing the social, educational, cultural, family, spiritual and psychological needs of the participant. ((i.e. Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Relapse Prevention, Life Skills, Job Readiness, Personal Development, Crisis Counseling, Moral Reconation Therapy, Mental Health, Bible Study, Overcomers, Family Reunification, Substance Abuse, Parenting, Victim Awareness, GED Prep)

** Provide linkage and appropriate referrals to meet the immediate and long-term needs of the participant. (i.e. H. & S.S; D.C.S.S.; Probation/Parole; SSI Advocate, Medical & Mental Health Advocates, Community Action North Bay (CANB))

** To provide spiritual encouragement and guidance per Biblical principles, and

** To provide comprehensive Case Management utilizing the 12 core competencies listed below:

Screening, Intake, Orientation, Assessment, Treatment Planning, Counseling, Case Management, Crisis Intervention, Education, Referral, Report and Record Keeping and Consultation.


Sober Living Environment

 All of our housing programs are sober living environments. All mind-altering substances are prohibited                                                             



Housing Funded By:

GEO Group










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