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 Clifford Parker
  2016 - 2020

The Story 

Better Decisions Better Choices Reentry Services Inc. was founded by Clifford Lelikona Parker a formerly incarcerated (life) prisoner who through many life challenges and struggles found himself in trouble since the age of 10. In 2010, after serving nearly two decades' behind bars he was paroled. Upon his release, he discovered there was a great need of services for the formerly incarcerated. The limited services currently in place wasn't enough to offer viable options in the process of transitioning. The results of  these limited options has had a detrimental impact on those returning home as well as our families and our communities. This option of reincarceration (Recidivism rate @ 65%) will not and should not be a viable or acceptable result. Being that the current standards in place were not premised on rehabilitation but re-incarceration, it inspired, encouraged, and motivated Clifford to seek a resolution to what he deemed a crisis. A crisis that separates families and communities, with the only results being heartache, pain, anger,  recidivism,  higher taxes, and a rise in crime. In 2016, he founded B.D.B.C. Services to seek new an innovated ways to serve this marginalized community through services that will improve the quality of their lives. Thus, reducing recidivism in our jails and prisons.

Clifford stated the following ,  "During my time of incarceration, I was able to take advantage of the many cognitive behavioral programs offered by community members who were dedicated to preparing those returning home with the necessary tools to become and remain a productive and law abiding citizen".  The life skills offered through these cognitive behavioral programs are profound and equips each individual with the necessary tools to enhanced the quality of their lives. However, these are not the results we were anticipating.  For these programs to have the successful results we seek, there must be an array of cognitive educational continuum of care programs readily available to those returning home from incarceration. Collaborating  with the incarcerated institutions and community programs are imperative in the success of reducing the recidivism rate of reincarceration in our communities.  Since Clifford's release, he has been a strong advocate and dedicated servant to the reentry and homeless population, he has been instrumental in creating several successful reentry and homeless programs that offers transitional living, residential living, job skill training, job placement and other services such as family reunification and a multitude of cognitive behavioral therapeutic and educational classes. Clifford is a devout believer in the oracles of God and his belief in the redemptive value of Jesus has been the cornerstone to his drive and dedication in serving these marginalized communities.  Clifford further stated, "I'm a dedicated husband, father, uncle, mentor, friend and grandfather whose greatest desire is to do my part for the betterment of our communities, our families, and those  I have been entrusted to serve'. I believe,  Preparation + Opportunity = Success. If you are prepared when an opportunity arrives success is in your reach'.  It's all about preparing these individuals for a successful transition."

On March 22, 2021, Clifford resigned as President of B.D.B.C. to focus his attention on advocating for more resources for the reentry and homeless population(s) on the local, state, and federal levels.

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