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Board of Directors

  Bobo Fuimaono   (President)
    2021 - Present

As President of Better Decisions Better Choices Reentry Services, I am dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. With a background reentry, homeless services, and  



Over the course of her professional career, Dawn La Bar has demonstrated her passion for and dedication to the community. From 2011 until March of 2023, Dawn worked for the City of Fairfield, playing an essential role in the City Manager's Office helping to develop and implement the City's Legislative Platform, Community Revitalization and Homeless Strategies, Affordable Housing Programs, and increase and oversee local, state, and federal funding. Dawn works with local and regional partners to leverage resources, increase funding opportunities, and create partnerships to advocate for the community's most critical needs. Dawn now works as an Independent Consultant assisting local and regional agencies with homelessness and housing, strategic planning, and legislative policy.  Dawn is committed to continuing her passion for serving her community both in Solano County and the Bay Area. 



      Dawn LaBar         (Vice President)
  2023 - Present

Lashawn Raybon (Secretary)
2022 - Present


With over 25 years of experience in private, public, and nonprofit sectors as an executive assistant, and a track record of strong performance in high-volume, high-pressure and diverse environments. LaShawn skillfully manages administrative duties and client relations for her colleagues.

As Executive Assistant to the Board, she ensures the smooth operation of office management, social media marketing, customer care and billing, meeting planning, scheduling, training and documenting and maintaining office processes, efficient handling of client inquires, consultations, and timely access to the Board as required. LaShawn also provides support in researching ongoing professional development, training workshops, and seminar presentations. Lashawn's ability to detail in her reporting/recording are immeasurable. BDBC is truly fortunate to have a woman of LaShawn's caliber on our TEAM.

   Karen Parker    (Treasurer)
2023 - Present


Karen Parker has over 30 years of experience as a claims adjuster with Kaiser Permanente and has a passion for providing excellent customer service for their members and providers within the California Region as well as Markets outside of California. As the Treasurer board member for our non- profit organization, Karen brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in accounting, insurance, auditing and the processing of high dollar claims. With her attention to detail and strategic approach, Karen ensures our financial resources are effectively managed and allocated to support our mission. Her expertise in financial analysis and reporting enables the board to make informed decisions and maintain transparency. Through her dedication and commitment, Karen plays a vital role in ensuring the financial sustainability and accountability of our organization. We are profoundly grateful and blessed to have Karen as our Treasurer, contributing to our collective efforts in creating a better tomorrow for those we are entrusted to serve.

Rachelle Dizon 
2021- Present


Rachelle Dizon is a self-proclaimed product of the Bay Area. She  grew up in Vallejo, CA but has lived in different cities of the bay for over 40 years. During that time, she has earned a wealth of experience working in wide range of industries such as healthcare, real estate, finance, and hospitality. Rachelle gained insight into working with people from different cultural backgrounds while working in the  physical rehab industry. Rachelle has worked as a loan officer, real estate agent, tax preparer, and reentry/homeless services in Solano County. She credits her knack for organization as the key to her effectiveness in all that she does. Rachelle currently serves as the Family Services Manager for Solano Habitat for Humanity

      Leonard Rubio          

Leonard Rubio is the Executive Director of Insight Prison Project. (IPP). While incarcerated at San Quentin. Leonard created the  Responsibility, Rehabilitation, & Restoration Interfaith Roundtable to promote restorative justice by including prisoners and volunteers from many faith and ethnic backgrounds to work together. Leonard was a participant in many of IPP's programs including the second cohort of the Victim Offender Education Group, became an inside facilitator for many programs, upon release in 2010 would speak on behalf of IPP. and served as a Board Member for seven years prior to being named Executive Director in 2018. 

      Courtney Robinson             2021 - Present

Courtney Robinson was born and raised in the bay area by a single mother of five. At an early age she was introduced to a mentorship program that paired economically disadvantage children with college students. By the third grade she knew she wanted to attend college. Courtney was the first in her family to attend and graduate college. She received two bachelor's degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science from San Francisco State University. She went on to work for several international Law firms. Witnessing the  transformation of Clifford Parker rekindled her desire to help those in our community that are in need. Currently Courtney is a stay at home mother of two twin boys who has just begun school. 

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